The office suite for reproducible research

The calls for research to be transparent and reproducible have never been louder. But today's tools for reproducible research can be intimidating - especially if you're not a coder. We're building software for reproducible research with the intuitive, visual interfaces that you and your colleagues are used to.

Get started

Download the Stencila Desktop application.

Optional: To use code cells in external languages either run our Docker image.

docker run -p 2100:2000 stencila/alpha

Or, install one of the Stencila language packages for R, Python, Node.js. See our getting started guide for more.


Help shape Stencila by joining the community forum, contributing code, or following us on Twitter!


Stencila is currently in early beta development. We're working towards a 1.0 in early 2018. Check out our feature status and roadmap.