What is Stencila?

An open source platform for reproducible research.

The calls for research to be transparent and reproducible have never been louder. But today's tools for reproducible research can be intimidating, and disparate workflows and technical literacy levels can make it difficult to collaborate.

Stencila lets researchers create reproducible papers in their favorite tools and environment, whether it's Jupyter Notebook and RMarkdown, or Word and Excel.

Stencila is an open source project under active development. We your feedback but please be patient with bugs and instabilities!

Join us in building the next generation of reproducible, living documents.

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What makes it different?

Stencila comes with features that make it
both flexible and powerful.

Reproducibility from authoring through to publishing

Stencila projects maintain reproducibility through the use of schemas, allowing you to preserve code, data, and metadata across formats. We are working with authors and publishers on formats which extend existing publishing standards—allowing publications to embed code and making the publication process faster.

Interoperability with existing tools and workflows

Stencila is developed not to replace existing tools, but to complement them. We work with communities of existing open source tools to improve interoperability. Stencila also supports file formats commonly used by researchers for reproducibility such as Jupyter Notebooks, RMarkdown and more.

Automatic generation of beautiful, semantic, and living papers

Instantaneously take your manuscript from a Jupyter Notebook, Rmd, or Word file to a readable, semantic and easy-to-share web pre-print.

Funders and Partners

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