Executable document pipelines

Author, collaborate, and publish beautiful interactive documents on an open source web platform.

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Reproducible documents.
Start to finish.

  1. Upload & collect project files from various sources
  2. Collaborate using existing tools & workflows
  3. Reproducible environment for painless execution
  4. Theme and publish semantic executable documents

Integrates with existing workflows

Link and upload all your research material regardless of file format. You can then keep versioned copies of all your dependencies for painless reproducibility.

+ many more


Invite colleagues, supervisors, and other stakeholders to work together on projects.

  • Nicole
    Converted R Markdown to Google Docs
  • Marcus
    Uploaded 32 files to the project
  • Nicole
    Ran compute session for 17 minutes and 32 seconds
  • Ian
    Pulled 4 files from GitHub

Reproducible Environments

Use any browser to run and interact with your projects, thanks to automatically created Docker containers and native Web Components.

Semantic themes

Style and export your project in multiple formats and themes, all powered by machine readable schema.

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