The office suite for reproducible research

The calls for research to be transparent and reproducible have never been louder. But today's tools for reproducible research can be intimidating - especially if you're not a coder. We're building software for reproducible research with the intuitive, visual interfaces that you and your colleagues are used to.



"This is an extraordinary and important experiment … making spreadsheets testable, versional, and interoperable with R."

Ian Mulvany, Head of Technology @IanMulvany

"VisiCalc to Excel to @stencila."

Lorena Barba, Engineering professor @LorenaABarba

"Stencila incorporates multi-lingual code syntax and git into their model of how a spreadsheet should look, and the results are compelling."

RJMetrics Data Science Roundup

"Bridging the gap between Excel and code. Accessible yet potentially powerful"

Patrick Lee, Data hacker and developer @patleeman

"The hybrid spreadsheet/R model in @stencila is a really interesting approach to providing the best features from both worlds"

Mark Sellors, Technical architect @sellorm