Open data science, open to all

We're bridging the gap between coders and clickers to make open, data driven, documents that are accessible to all. The key to reproducibility is collaboration and true collaboration comes from allowing people to use the interfaces they want, where they want.

Open documents

Stencila Documents and Sheets embed code in the interfaces we're used to. Use the power of open source languages in documents that won't scare away your colleagues.

Built from source

Documents that use source code file formats, so they're diff-able, version-able, fork-able. Don't want no fancy UI? Use your text editor:

A1 Model of icecream sales
A2 = read.table('data.csv')
A3 = lm(sales~rain+temp,A2)
A4 = summary(A3)

On the desktop

Download Stencila packages and create documents on your own machine. In the browser, at the command line, or in a script.

from stencila import *
s = Stencil('.')

In the cloud

Documents that are internet natives. Sync changes using git or collaborate in the browser. Publish to the web and provide API endpoints to share your documents, analyses and data.

Stencila Documents

The traditional approach to creating data driven documents is laborious and error prone: copy and paste from spreadsheets and statistical software into a word processor. If the data or analyses change, it's all got to be done again. And copying and pasting kills transparency and reproducibility – it decouples the data analysis methods from the final document.

Template based approaches that embed code within content provide a more efficient and reproducible alternative. But they are inaccessible to less technical users.

Stencila Documents combine the statistical power of languages like R and Python, with the flexibility of templating engines, with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get collaborative editing environment.

Stencila Sheets

Spreadsheets are the probably the most widely used environment for data analysis and end user programming. Their ubiquity comes from the intuitive simplicity of a live, reactive, see-your-data-and-do-stuff with it interface.

Stencila Sheets combine the benefits of the spreadsheet interface with power of languages like R and Python.

Built from the ground up for transparency, testability and version control, we think Stencila sheets are the next step in the evolution of the spreadsheet.


"This is an extraordinary and important experiment … making spreadsheets testable, versional, and interoperable with R."

Ian Mulvany, Head of Technology @IanMulvany

"VisiCalc to Excel to @stencila."

Lorena Barba, Engineering professor @LorenaABarba

"Stencila incorporates multi-lingual code syntax and git into their model of how a spreadsheet should look, and the results are compelling."

RJMetrics Data Science Roundup

"Bridging the gap between Excel and code. Accessible yet potentially powerful"

Patrick Lee, Data hacker and developer @patleeman

"The hybrid spreadsheet/R model in @stencila is a really interesting approach to providing the best features from both worlds"

Mark Sellors, Technical architect @sellorm