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Advisory Board

Stencila's Advisory Board provides us with advice, criticism and mentoring. They act as a sounding board for discussing problems and opportunities.

Avatar of Josh Greenberg

Josh Greenberg

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, New York, USA

Josh is Program Director for Digital Information Technology at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. He has a PhD from Cornell University’s Department of Science & Technology Studies and was the Director of Digital Strategy and Scholarship at the New York Public Library. Josh brings to the board his broad experience and understanding of the needs of scholarly communication and the ecosystem of digital tools that are transforming it.

Avatar of Ben Kepes

Ben Kepes

Diversity Ltd, Waipara, Aotearoa New Zealand

Ben is a business leader, technology evangelist, commentator, adviser and investor at Diversity. He is a globally recognized as an expert in enterprise software and cloud computing strategy. Ben brings to the board his extensive skills and experience in startups, business strategy, and leadership development.

Avatar of Kristen Ratan

Kristen Ratan

Collaborative Knowledge Foundation, San Francisco, USA

Kristen is founder of Strategies for Open Science (Stratos). She has been Executive Director of the Collaborative Knowledge (Coko) Foundation, Publisher at the Public Library of Science (PLoS) and Director of Strategic Development at HighWire Press. Kristen brings to the board her extensive experience in sales and marketing and talents for leadership, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and partnership development.

Avatar of Danielle Robinson

Danielle Robinson

PhD, Code for Science & Society, Portland, USA

Danielle is the Co-Executive Director of Code for Science & Society, a nonprofit dedicated to incubating open source public interest technology with a special focus on tools for open research. Danielle brings nine years of neuroscience research, experience developing open source projects for open scholarship as a 2016 Mozilla Science Fellow, and her perspective from working with open source software projects across domains to the Stencila Advisory Committee.

Avatar of Finlay Thompson

Finlay Thompson

Dragonfly Data Science Ltd, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand

Finlay is Senior Data Scientist at Dragonfly Data Science. He has a PhD in Mathematics and brings to the board several decades of experience in data analysis, database management and software development and a deep understanding of the challenges that researchers face when analysing data.


Avatar of Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson

RStudio, Toronto, Canada

Greg is a Data Scientist and Professional Educator at RStudio. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and he has devoted significant part of his career to helping thousands of researchers around the globe do reproducible research. He co-founded and led for many years Software Carpentry, developing it from a small initiative to a multinational non-profit foundation. Greg brings to the board his experience in community building and software engineering.