About us


Stencila's team come from different backgrounds allowing us to bring different points of view to our work and create products that are useful for a diverse community of users. We share a passion open source technologies and lowering the barriers to learning how to code.

Nokome Bentley,
Founder and CEO

Nokome is the founder of Stencila. He is originally a marine scientist with over twenty years experience in research for sustainable management of marine resources. Stencila is a project born out of Nokome’s own frustrations with traditional copy and paste workflows and the inaccessibility of many existing tools for data-driven research. He set out to create a platform for reproducible research that bridges the gap in collaboration between coders and non-coders. Nokome is based in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Aleksandra Pawlik,
Community Advocate

Aleksandra's work focuses on understanding users’ needs to direct further development, building open source developer community and keeping you all updated on what's going on at Stencila. She has been worked in the research software area for over 6 years coordinating training for the Software Sustainability Institute in the UK and then for New Zealand eScience Infrastructure. She holds a PhD in Computing and is a Software and Data Carpentry certified instructor. Aleksandra has also trained other instructors in Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Ben Shaw,
Senior Software Engineer

Ben is a Software Engineer with many years' experience across a range of fields and industries. His prior work history includes startups, small businesses, creative agencies and large enterprise, as well as consulting services. Ben's technical skills range from web development and design to low level programming, system design and architecture and mobile development. He also brings to Stencila his experience in team leading, mentorship and project planning and management. Ben is based in Aotearoa New Zealand.