Aleksandra Pawlik · May 27, 2018

Stencila at Open Neuroscience

We were invited to give a short presentation about Stencila and open science workflows at the Open Neuroscience meeting hosted at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre at the University College London, UK .

Open Science

One of the organisers, Gonçalo Lopes of the Kampff Lab described the aims of the event:

For this event we are bringing together several individual researchers and groups from the London area that want to collaborate and share their science openly. The goal is to grow a critical mass and help our local network of scientists to use open science workflows more easily.

We want to compare individual experiences, methods, and skill sets, and discuss possible standards to facilitate exchange and collaboration. Finally, we want to discuss how to make our process more accessible to life scientists who may not be so familiar or comfortable with online tools and programming.

Nokome Bentley joined the meeting remotely and discussed the principles behind Stencila:

  • merging the concepts of documents, data and code into ‘executable documents’;
  • blurring the lines between coders and non-coders;
  • alternative, but unified, computing interfaces for alternative types of users;
  • making reproducible research more accessible.