Aleksandra Pawlik · May 11, 2018

Stencila in Binder

At the recent eLife sprint in Cambridge Daniel Nüst and Min Ragan-Kelley of Project Jupyter had chosen to do a project involving Stencila. Nokome Bentley joined them remotely and as a result you can now run Stencila projects on Binder connecting to a Jupyter kernel.

eLife Sprint

The project is putting the Stencila editor into a Docker container that can be launch with Binder enabling editing of Dar archives . Check out the Github repository .

Nokome spent the day working on adding support for running code cells. Since the base jupyter/minimal-notebook image already has a Jupyter kernel for Python installed he decided to enable Stencila’s JupyterContext. It acts as a bridge between Stencila’s API and Jupyter kernels. Nokome included the stencila-node Node.js package in the Docker image which provides the JupyterContext as well as a NodeContext (for executing Javascript) and a SqliteContext (for executing SQL).

Here’s the result: a Stencila project running on Binder connecting to a Jupyter kernel

Stencila in Binder