Aleksandra Pawlik · Jun 2, 2018

Stencila workshop at the University of Otago Medical School

Last week, on 28th and 29th June, we run the first “Introduction to R using Stencila” workshop. The event was attended by the researchers from the University of Otago Medical School at Christchurch, New Zealand. We used Stencila Hub so that the participants did not have to install anything on their machines. Guided by the Data Carpentry materials we taught filtering and visualising data with the popular R package tidyverse

Workshop at the University of Otago

First of all, we want to thank all participants for their time as well as their patience and understanding when they were faced with various glitches of the newly developed tool. The group at the Otago University was the first one to work on the Hub (which is underpinned by an instance of Stencila Cloud) and inevitably during the workshop we discovered a few bugs. Fortunately, we were able to carry on with the material and teach some useful R techniques. Thanks to Nokome Bentley who spent most of his Thursday evening fixing the code, on Friday the workshop run far more smoothly than on the first day.

The feedback we received from the participants was incredibly valuable and will inform further Stencila development. The attendees suggested for example exporting metadata from the spreadsheets and tighter integration for re-using the code from the code cells in articles within the sheets and vice versa. Several researchers were interested which components of Stencila were ready for use beyond the workshop. We hope this is good sign that Stencila picked their interest and we will see them among our user community.