Aleksandra Pawlik · Aug 10, 2018

Stencila workshop at the University of Canterbury

The workshop at the University of Canterbury was based on the Data Carpentry materials for data analysis and visualisation with R. Whilst the original materials use RStudio, we used Stencila Articles and Sheets to teach how to find the required data and create plots. We took the similar approach to the previous 2 workshops that we already have run. However, this time the participants of the workshop used the production version of the Stencila Hub (the previous workshops used the test version).

Workshop at the University of Canterbury

Photo: Dr Arindam Basu

The feedback from the previous workshops allowed us to introduce some improvements to the Hub, such as more straightforward way of saving the projects as well as displaying a gallery of public projects available on the Hub. Alas, as it is common with projects which are still under development (like Stencila and the Hub), we did encounter a few bugs. One of them was the short timeout setting on the Cloud underpinning the execution of the code cells in Stencila. Nokome Bentley managed to fix this issue almost on the spot and we carried on with our workshop.

The workshop was possible thanks to a lot of help from Anton Angelo, Research Data Coordinator at the University of Canterbury and dr Arindam Basu, Senior Lecturer at the School of Health Sciences at the University. Thank you!