Aleksandra Pawlik · Aug 11, 2018

Stencila workshop at SIGNAL ITC Grad School

The workshop at SIGNAL ICT was the last one in this series of events focusing on user feedback and outreach. We again reached for the Data Carpentry materials but this time we used the Python module for data manipulation and visualisation . SIGNAL ICT is a New Zealand government-supported programme equipping professionals with skills so essential nowadays in tech industry.


We run the workshop for the new cohort which started their programme recently. Since the students have already been using Python as their primary programming language we switch from using R. This was also an opportunity for us to test out the Python execution context in Stencila Hub. We are pleased to let you know that Python in Stencila works really nicely, though we did caught a few bugs which need working on.

With the SIGNAL ICT workshop we finished this round of beta-testing workshops and will now be focusing a lot on development and improvement on Stencila. But as always we would love to receive your feedback and comments. Join us on the Community Forum or the Gitter chat channel .