Aleksandra Pawlik, Nokome Bentley · Feb 1, 2019

Stencila at Linux Conf AU 2019

The end of January 2019 has been really busy for us. We attended the 2019 conference which took place in Christchurch. This years theme was Linux of Things and we run a Stencila tutorial on one of our recently developed components called Dockter for easing the process of building Docker images for reproducible research. Our “Building reproducible computing environments: a workshop for non-experts” session was fully hands-on


We demonstrated the key features of Dockter such as:

  • building a Docker image from the source code (we used one example in R and one in Python);
  • analysing package information available on databases such as CRAN for R to determine system dependencies and including them in the Docker image;
  • fast rebuilding of Docker images, thanks to the “thin” layer approach that Dockter implements.

These features have been also described in our article published by the who was covering 2019. is a Red Hat-sponsored community publication that attracts more than 1-million unique visitors a month and publishes content under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

The whole session was recorded . If you would like to follow the tutorial: