Aleksandra Pawlik · Apr 10, 2019

Alex Ketchakmadze joins Stencila

Alex Ketch

Alex joined Stencila in March 2019 as a Designer and a Software Engineer. He is determined to help make Stencila accessible and delightful for researchers of all technical backgrounds. Having witnessed first-hand the often substantial efforts needed for data-scientist to collaborate, he believes that streamlining this process is paramount for accommodating future innovative research in a global society.

Alex has extensive experience in all aspects of Product UX/UI design. He is also a skilled Frontend Engineer and large part of his previous work experience included facilitating collaboration across Engineering, Product, Business, and Machine Learning teams based across four time zones.

In his free time, Alex is a keen boulderer and when the weather is not so good to get out on the rock, he turns to board games, or Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. He admits his weakness is for good stationery (especially fountain pens and notebooks) and quality raccoon GIFs. Alex likes to travel and has spent time living in five cities across four countries. Currently he is braving the frigid parts of Canada, reminiscing about the milder winters of Georgia.

You can find Alex at Stencila Gitter Channel .