Nokome Bentley · Nov 21, 2016

Stencila blog reincarnated

Welcome to the new incarnation of the Stencila blog!

The previous version of the blog was published on the Stencila hub . Over there, each blog post is a document, written using our markup language Cila and with it’s own Git repository. We were trying to do our best to pull ourselves up by the boot straps and eat our own dog food!

But dog food can be hard to eat. Particularly when you have just finished the strenuous task of pulling yourself up by your own boot straps (try it!). It was easy enough to author blog posts. But there was some friction in publishing posts, mainly because the hub is not fully developed yet. Also, we’re shifting to a new architecture which puts more emphasis on integration with other formats and platforms.

So, our new blog uses Markdown and is published on Github pages . We’re still eating our own dog food by using our Node.js package to convert Markdown to HTML and by using our new document editor to author posts (screenshot below). But we’re hoping that with this new approach there will be less friction in getting posts written and on to the web. And of course it’s all open source and available as a Git repository .

Stay tuned for more…