Stencila is a community-owned and community-driven open source project. Stencila users and contributors are at the core of the software's existence, and its future. Community growth and engagement are our top priority. We want to an create an inclusive and friendly environment for everyone who wants to use and develop Stencila.

On this page you can find out how to ask for help, share your knowledge and expertise, suggest new features (and report bugs!), learn how to contribute and join the community discussions and events.


There are a number of ways you can contribute to Stencila. We welcome and encourage all contributions. There is a lot you can do and through contributing to Stencila you can gain more experience and learn new skills. You can help out a lot by being a Stencila Beta Tester.

We are doing our best to make it easy for contributors to work with Stencila. If you have any suggestions on improving the experience and, in particular, if you have any ideas on supporting new contributors, please get in touch.


Stencila is a community-driven project and we want to hear back from you. You can comment, ask for help, make suggestions about the project or report your experiences through our Community Forum.

Join us also on Stencila Zulip chat. This chat channel is open to anyone who wants to or already uses Stencila, would like to develop Stencila or is already a contributor. Come and say hello!

You can find us on Twitter, too, or simply talk to us via email...

Have your say!


We are working on Stencila Hub to enable easy sharing of Stencila documents, including interactive articles and sheets. The Hub will allow researchers to collaborate with their colleagues without the need to abandon their preferred tool for data analysis and reporting. Stay tuned for the updates!

Code of conduct

We are committed to growing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive community. Everyone involved at any level with Stencila is required to obey our Code of conduct. We aim to ensure that the Stencila community operates in a friendly and supportive environment.


Please help us spread the word about Stencila. On the Resources page you will find a number of useful materials, if you would like to mention Stencila in your presentations or reference it in your publications. You will also learn how to get Stencila stickers!