Beta Testing programme

The Beta Testing programme helps get Stencila ready for general use. Testing focuses on capturing any issues that may exist with the software. But, we also need you to tell us what improvements you would like to see! Stencila is an open-source community-driven project and community input is crucial for further development.

Become a Beta Tester!

Testing tools

We invite everyone to join our Beta Testing programme. Any level of feedback is valuable and helps improve Stencila. We want your experience as Stencila Beta Tester as enjoyable as possible, so we will provide you with short guidance on how to proceed. We are of course open to all ideas and are very happy for Beta Testers to take initiative and test Stencila through the new challenges.

If you would like to become a Beta Tester, please get in touch! Thank you for your time and help!

What does it involve?

Currently we are running Beta Testing for Stencila Desktop. You need to have access to a computer with internet connection and running one of the three operating systems that Stencila can run on: Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. You will need to download and install the version of Stencila Desktop appropriate for your operating system.

At this point you may already have some questions. Do not hesitate and ask them on our Community Forum or on our Gitter chat channel.

If you notice any errors or you have a suggestion for a new feature, you can either fill in a short online form or submit an issue via GitHub.

After the installation, you can try Stencila out with our Quick Start guide.

What's in it for you?

  • You get your say on how Stencila should look, feel and work.
  • You get an experience as a software tester and learn how to report issues using Git Hub (which is commonly used among open source projects).
  • You become a part of the Stencila community, which we aim to be inclusive and diverse, helping everyone who wants to join open source movement. And we hope you will stay with us!
  • We do not have means to pay you for being a Stencila Beta Tester, but we can offer you Stencila stickers!