You will find here a selection of useful resources about Stencila.

Cite Stencila

If you mention Stencila in your publications, we would be very grateful to include the following in the references:

Stencila Development Core Team (2016). Stencila [Computer software]. Version 0.28. Available from

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Slide about Stencila

If you would like to mention Stencila in your talk, please feel free to use the following slide:

Stencila Stickers

We are expanding on the Stencila sticker range . If you would like some stickers to decorate your laptops, get in touch !

Stencila Stickers

Stencila Presentations

We have been presenting Stencila at various events. All these presentations are available for you to preview and download.
We will keep adding more so keep an eye on this list.