A demo sheet that fits a statistical model to the infamous mtcars dataset and then uses that model to predict the fuel consumption of a user specified design of car
Spreadsheets are reactive programming environments that are usually only interacted with via a visual grid interface. For most other programming environments, the primary interface is a text file format specifically designed for humans. In contrast, spreadsheet file formats have been designed for machines, not humans. This post proposes a human friendly format for spreadsheets that can be used as an alternative interface for viewing and editing spreadsheets.
This sheet attempts to illustrate many of the features of using R in a Stencila sheet - while still trying to stay relatively simple! It simulates data and fits a linear regression to it.
Everyone loves ggplot2! This demonstration stencil uses the diamonds dataset to show off some of the reasons why Hadley Wickham's R package for visualisation sparkles.
A very simple little stencil for use in a R context. It has some paragraphs, inline math, equations, as well as execute and text directives