Quick start

This page will guide you through your first steps with Stencila using a simple example. We will show you how to use Stencila to analyse and visualise data using R programming language (based on the Data Carpentry R for Ecology module). Using other programming languages is analogous.

  1. Launch Stencila Desktop on your machine (if you are one of our Stencila Hub testers, log into your account).
  2. If you are using Stencila Desktop, make sure that you enabled R execution context on your machine. If you are using Stencila Hub, you don't need to do anything.
  3. Download the example project and unpack the file (it comes as a zip).
  4. The project is in the DAR format which is one of the formats supported by Stencila. You can open the folder and you should see the following files:
    • manifest.xml
    • rodents.jats.xml
    • surveys_complete.sheet.xml
  5. If you are working in Stencila Desktop, select File -> Open and select the whole dar folder. If you are working in Stencila Hub, create a new project and then upload all three files.
  6. You are good to go!